Privacy Policy from Intuition Consultancies

General Information

At Intuition Consultancies, we take utmost care of privacy and information security. When someone uses our services, they entrust their information to us. This privacy policy will help you get an idea of why we collect data, what do we collect, and what do we do with the data. When someone shares their information with us, Intuition Consultancies never share or disclose it with any third-party. The reason why we collect data is to show you the relevant information in order to provide you with better services. Because our clients use our service, we want everyone to be clear about how Intuition Consultancies use the information provided by our clients and how we protect their privacy. Please read our privacy policy carefully. Rest assured, if you have any concerns regarding your privacy and data security, you can always tell us, and we do our best to assist you.


Intuition Consultancies may collect anonymous information when someone visits the website to help them provide better customer service. For example, we may keep track of the visitor’s domain and measure activities throughout the website.

While collecting personal data, we may additionally extract information from the visitors anonymously and finally combine them to analyze on an aggregate level to understand patterns and trends. We don’t analyze any information on an individual level.

One way of collecting anonymous information is through cookies. A cookie is an element of data that is sent to your browser, and this may be stored on your system. Some pages of Intuition Consultancies use cookies, which are sent to third-party vendors so that we can serve you better once you return to our site. You can accept or decline cookies, which will let you decide whether you want us to collect anonymous information from your browser or not. If you don’t want us or any other website to send you cookies, you can turn off cookies in your browser. Please note that some parts of Intuition Consultancies’ website may fail to work properly in case you do it. However, it is up to you.

Management of Personal Data

Intuition Consultancies gives you the freedom to edit or view your personal data. If you want, you can make choices about using your data and collecting personal information. How you can view, edit, control, or access your personal data will solely depend on the type of services you use. We give you the option to choose whether you would like to receive promotional communications via telephone, mail, email, and SMS. If you receive any promotional emails from us and you would like to opt-out, you can very well do so. If you want to update any of your information, feel free to do so. If you would not want us to use your data, please let us know about the same.

Information We Collect

Please be noted that our website will collect data to offers you an optimal experience. You provide some data to us directly by filling out an inquiry form. Common information that we collect are your name, email address, phone number, and postal address. Other than that, Intuition Consultancies also collects data by recording how you visit our site and interact with different services on our website. For this, we use an element called cookies. Sometimes, Intuition Consultancies may also obtain data from third-parties. We sometimes also use services from different companies to help us understand our visitors’ location based on your IP address. The data that we collect and will collect will largely depend on the features and services you use.

How We Use Your Information?

There are three main reasons why we may collect your data. The first is to operate our business, the second is to send communications, which will be done through promotional communications, and the third is to display advertisements.
1. Information may be collected to provide you with better services.
2. Inform you of news that Intuition Consultancies consider being relevant to you.
3. Invite you through different modes of communications for training sessions and events.