By now, everyone must be aware of Dark web monitoring, but what is it after all? The dark web is the internet’s part, which provides you with an anonymous communication channel. In brief, it is the home to multiple illicit activities. You can’t access it through your normal browsers. You need to have encrypted browsing software. Using this software, you will get to browse the content anonymously. This anonymity turns out to be extremely beneficial for people who want to conduct criminal activities.


Cybercriminals always have access to the dark web. They often sell stolen data here and also buy it. Most of these criminal websites will ask you to become a member, meaning you will need to have a membership login. This is the reason why it becomes incredibly challenging for companies to access what information these cybercriminals might have already sold of these companies.


However, if you come in touch with the right dark web monitoring company, they can monitor and filter these websites for you and see whether they have purchased your data or sold it on the dark web.


Most of these cybercriminals do identify theft in the dark web, which can have a devastating impact on companies who work hard day and night to boost their revenue. You might not know this, but in 2019, around $1.9 billion was lost because of dark web frauds, and it included customers from the business sectors. And more than 600,000 were reported to be cases related to identity theft.


Understanding Dark Web Scanning


When you get in touch with a dark web monitoring company, they will first conduct a dark web scan. This will be done to see what kind of open-source information is available about your company. This will be done using both artificial intelligence and human. The company will scan things like private networks, forums, blogs, criminal chat, and other sites. By doing this, you will get to identify potential security threats.


Here are some of the examples of what has been detected through dark web scanning:


  • Online markets that sell fake and stolen goods.
  • Hackers are selling both sensitive and non-sensitive data.
  • Impersonation of organization and individual.
  • Details related to incitement to hack.
  • Reputation risk through impersonation and fake news.
  • Illegal activities, such as drug paraphernalia.
  • Information in regards to an undetected sensitive data breach.


What Can You Expect From Dark Wen Monitoring?


One thing that every enterprise must know is that there are over 50,000 dark websites. Even though most of them are inactive, some are actually being used to conduct criminal activities. When you do dark web monitoring, the security software and human scanners will actively lookout for data related to your business. Here are a few things that will be done.


Detect Data Breach


If you think that your identity has been stolen, or you want to know if it has happened, you can do dark web monitoring to find out whether it has happened or not. If yes, you will get to know what kind of information is getting circulated.


You can tell the company from whom you may take dark web monitoring service about the type of data you would like them to find. The good thing about dark web monitoring is that it will monitor deep, dark, and open web constantly for you, and the search will be done through AI technology. AI technology will help detect the information that is relevant and irrelevant. After that, human scanners will find out the remaining data. Using both AI and human scanners are important.


Detect Physical Threats


Even though these cybercriminals are smart, they do have a drawback, and that is they boost their activities all over the dark web. They brag about the preparation and activities they have planned for. Using dark web monitoring, you will get to know about the potentially threatening things these criminals may be saying to any of your staff. Once they do, you will come to know about it right away. Even though finding out who that anonymous person will be difficult, but you will certainly come to know that your company might be in danger. This way, you will be able to secure everything even before an attack takes place.


Predict Potential Action


Just like physical threats, a company could become a victim of a terrorist attack as well. And same as physical attackers, these terrorists also take the help of the dark web to communicate. Through dark web monitoring, you will get to analyze if these kinds of attacks are getting planned against you. The problem is not many think about these things seriously until something devastating happens to them. Here’s where the problems lie. You need to become protective about your company’s security because anyone can be attacked.


Things That You May Find On the Dark Web


Social Security Number: One of the most common things that dark web monitoring comes across is the availability of social security numbers. In fact, there are millions of them available. Social security number is a major thing for an individual; having being available on the web market means your identity can be easily stolen.


Email Address: Email accounts of businesses often contain sensitive information, such as financial details, important company communication, vendor details, customer details, and so on. You will get to know whether your company’s email accounts with passwords are floating on the dark web or not through dark web monitoring.


Bank Account Numbers: Another common thing found on the dark web is bank account numbers. Bank account numbers get circulated on the dark web almost daily. Once someone has your bank account details, you have a full chance of losing money without even realizing it.


Passwords: Passwords of anything and everything can be available on the dark web. Right from your credit card password, email account to your bank account, these things become available on the dark web too. There are more than five billion passwords available right now on the dark web.


Contact Intuition Consultancies for Dark Web Monitoring


Every company is at risk of losing money, identity, and information. No one should take these things lightly. Also, companies should take a proactive measure to keep themselves safe before something devastating happens. By monitoring the dark web, you will get to realize if your bank account password, sensitive information, email addresses, social security number, and more are available or not.


The effect of identity theft can risk your business. Take the dark web seriously and get in touch with Intuition Consultancies so that we can find out whether your company’s information is available on the dark web or not. This way, you will be able to conduct your business operations safely, confidently, and securely.